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The Modest Maiden

  Now she was a modestly and poorly-dressed young girl, very young, indeed, almost like a child, with a modest and refined manner, with a candid but somewhat frightened-looking face. She was wearing a very plain indoor dress, and had on a shabby old-fashioned hat, but she still carried a parasol.  

Unexpectedly finding the room full of people, she was not so much embarrassed as completely overwhelmed with shyness, like a little child. She was even about to retreat. 'Oh... it's you!' said Raskolnikov, extremely astonished, and he, too, was confused. He at once recollected that his mother and sister knew through Luzhin's letter of 'some young woman of notorious behaviour.' He had only just been protesting against Luzhin's calumny and declaring that he had seen the girl last night for the first time, and suddenly she had walked in.

Excerpt from Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

  1. Modestly – mod-ist-li (adverb)
  2. Refined – ri-fahynd (adjective)
  3. Candid – kan-did (adjective)
  4. Shabby – shab-ee (adjective)
  5. Parasol – par-uh-sawl (noun)
  6. Embarrassed – em-bar-uh s d (verb)
  7. Overwhelmed – oh-ver-hwelm d (verb)
  8. Shyness – shahy nes (noun)
  9. Retreat – ri-treet (verb)
10. Astonished – uh ston-ish d (verb)
11. Notorious – noh-tohr-ee-uh (adjective)
12. Calumny – kal-uh m-nee (noun)
a.   Have a strong emotional effect on.
b.   Move back or withdraw.
c.   A light umbrella used to give shade from the sun.
d.   In a manner that is not elaborate or luxurious or showy.
e.   Greatly surprised or impressed; amazed.
f.   Famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.
g.   Truthful and straightforward; frank.
h.   The making of false and defamatory statements about someone in order to damage their reputation; slander.
i.   In poor condition through long use or lack of care.
j.   To become disconcerted, abashed, or confused.
k.   Elegant and cultured in appearance, manner, or taste.
l.   The quality or state of being shy.


1. d 2. k 3. g 4. i 5. c
6. j 7. a 8. l 9. b 10. e
11. f 12. h