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Iconic ______ Chandi Lahiri passed away recently. He started his career as a journalist and entertained the readers for more than five decades with his ______ published in various English and Bengali newspapers and magazines. What was he famous as?
      a.   Political activist
      b.   Investigative journalism
      c.   Lyricist
      d.   Cartoonist


The World Sweet Festival was held in January, with sweets from around 25 states in India and 15 foreign countries showcased at the event. Which of the following cities hosted the event?
      a.   Kochi
      b.   Lucknow
      c.   Kolkata
      d.   Hyderabad


Who among the following has been named People for Ethical Treatment of Animals’s (PETA) Person of the Year 2017, for their efforts to help protect dogs from fireworks, and horses from pull carriages in Mumbai?
      a.   Anushka Sharma
      b.   Ariel Winter
      c.   R Madhavan
      d.   Leonardo DiCaprio


In the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Manufacturing Index, Japan was found to have the best structure of production, followed by South Korea, Germany, Switzerland and China. At which rank is India located?
      a.   12
      b.   24
      c.   30
      d.   47


Which of the following countries, after the US, has officially withdrawn from UNESCO?
      a.   Syria
      b.   Isael
      c.   Russia
      d.   Iran


Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was recently granted citizenship by a country in an attempt to resolve the political stalemate over his continued presence in the UK. Assange, an Australian, was granted the citizenship in December 2017, and is currently resident at the country’s embassy in UK. Name the country.
      a.   Ecuador
      b.   Norway
      c.   Sweden
      d.   New Zealand


Which of the following telecom companies plans to launch its own cryptocurrency?
      a.   Vodafone
      b.   Idea Cellular
      c.   Bharti Airtel
      d.   Reliance Jio


Amazon recently purchased a smart home security camera company known for its relatively affordable pricing and tiny camera modules. According to reports, Amazon bought the company for US$90 million in order to get access to its energy-efficient chip technology that enables years of battery life. Name the company.
      a.   Blink
      b.   GoPro
      c.   D-Link
      d.   Nest Cam


An Indian bank launched the country’s first bond index at London Stock Exchange last year. Launched by the bank along with global index and data provider FTSE Russell, the index positioned as a first-of-its-kind transparent benchmark for investors in international markets to analyse India’s government bond market. Name the bank.
      a.   ICICI Bank
      b.   State Bank of India
      c.   Indian Overseas Bank
      d.   Canara Bank


Google is replacing Android Pay and Google Wallet with __________.
      a.   Google Charge
      b.   Google Payments
      c.   Google Pay
      d.   Google Money


What is the name of India’s first online radio station, available in over 60 countries, that has 24 hours programming, with listeners in Hindi speaking regions of India?
      a.   Radio Umang
      b.   Radio India
      c.   All India Radio
      d.   Bharat Radio


Which of the following is the first Indian bank, and only the third Indian company after TCS and Reliance Industries, to cross the `5 trillion market capitalisation?
      a.   Bank of Baroda
      b.   HDFC Bank
      c.   ICICI Bank
      d.   State Bank of India


Prime Minister Khaleda Zia was sentenced to five years’ rigorous imprisonment in a graft case for misappropriating funds to the tune of 2.4 crore taka (around `1.64 crore) from funds given by a foreign bank as grants for orphans. Zia is the PM of which of the following countries?
      a.   Myanmar
      b.   Baluchistan
      c.   Kazakhstan
      d.   Bangladesh


Which of the following women has been appointed on the board of the International Cricket Council, as the first independent female director?
      a.   Chanda Kochhar
      b.   Marissa Meyer
      c.   Indra Nooyi
      d.   Shikha Sharma


Mehul Garg, a 10-year-old Indian-origin boy, recently became the youngest applicant in a decade to achieve the highest score in Mensa IQ test, scoring a maximum score of 162 and beating geniuses like Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Which country is he based in?
      a.   US
      b.   UK
      c.   France
      d.   Canada


Brazilian football star Ronaldinho announced his retirement in February 2018. He has won two FIFA World Player of the Year awards and a Ballon d’Or, and was renowned for his technical skills and creativity; due to his agility, pace and dribbling ability. What has Ronaldinho cited as his focus after his retirement?
      a.   Coaching
      b.   Politics
      c.   Music
      d.   Golf


With his sixth double hundred, Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli recently became the Test captain with the highest number of double tons, and is sixth on the all-time list of most double hundreds scored by a player. Which Test captain  did Kohli surpass to achieve this record?
      a.   Brian Lara
      b.   MS Dhoni
      c.   Vinod Kambli
      d.   Sunil Gavaskar


Who wrote the book Hit Refresh: The Quest to Rediscover Microsoft’s Soul and Imagine a Better Future for Everyone, which outlines the inside story of Microsoft’s continuing transformation, while tracing his own journey from a modest childhood to leading one of the biggest companies in the world?
      a.   Harry Shum
      b.   Bill Gates
      c.   Rajesh Jha
      d.   Satya Nadella


The Winter Olympics was held in Pyeongchang, South Korea, from February 9th to 25th. What was the official mascot of the event?
      a.   Black bear
      b.   Blue koala
      c.   White tiger
      d.   Green dragon


Where is the 12th Cricket World Cup 2019 slated to be held?
      a.   South Africa
      b.   England & Wales
      c.   Australia
      d.   India


The Shape of Water, directed by Guillermo del Toro, has received just one short of the record number of Academy Award nominations, held by Titanic, All About Eve and La La Land. How many nominations has this 2017 film received?
      a.   13
      b.   12
      c.   11
      d.   10


Thomson Reuters recently released its first “Top 100 global tech leaders” list, which is based on a 28-factor algorithm that measures performance across eight benchmarks. Which of the following companies topped the list?
      a.   Google
      b.   Microsoft
      c.   Samsung
      d.   Apple


Where is the 12th Cricket World Cup 2019 slated to be held?
      a.   South Africa
      b.   England & Wales
      c.   Australia
      d.   India


Which of the following veteran Indian actors was recently conferred the coveted Legion of Honor, France’s highest civilian award, for his contribution to cinema?
      a.   Amitabh Bachchan
      b.   Victor Banerjee
      c.   Soumitra Chatterjee
      d.   Tom Alter


Which of the following cities is the first Indian city to be declared a world heritage site by UNESCO, joining the ranks of Paris, Vienna, Cairo, Brussels, Rome and Edinburgh and putting India on the world heritage city map?
      a.   Madurai
      b.   Jaipur
      c.   Varanasi
      d.   Ahmedabad


Under the umbrella of Skill India led by the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, with various initiatives like National Skill Development Mission, National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana, etc, how many Indians are expected to be trained in different skills by 2022?
      a.   10 crore
      b.   20 crore
      c.   40 crore
      d.   25 crore


Which of the following Indian states has topped the logistics performance index chart 2018, which measures the mobility of goods and efficiency of logistics chain?
      a.   Gujarat
      b.   Punjab
      c.   Andhra Pradesh
      d.   Tamil Nadu


The 2018 Global Economics Prospect (GEP), released by the World Bank, predicts that India will become the fastest growing emerging economy. What is India’s estimated gross domestic product (GDP) for the financial year 2018-19?
      a.   6.8%
      b.   7.5%
      c.   7%
      d.   7.3%


Which of the following cities has become the first Indian city to get its own logo, which aims to signify its cosmopolitan culture, a sense of belonging, 480-year history and futuristic outlook?
      a.   Mumbai
      b.   Bengaluru
      c.   Telangana
d.   Ahmedabad

01.(d) 02.(d) 03.(a) 04.(c) 05.(b)
06.(a) 07.(d) 08.(a) 09.(b) 10.(c)
11.(a) 12.(b) 13.(d) 14.(c) 15.(b)
16.(c) 17.(a) 18.(d) 19.(c) 20.(b)
21.(a) 22.(b) 23.(b) 24.(c) 25.(d)
26.(c) 27.(a) 28.(b) 29.(c) 30.(d)