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The polite welcome

  In the living room sat a magnificent mini bike. For a brief moment, Lily was filled with what seemed like insurmountable exhilaration. It was Christmas and kids wanted their gifts. But Lily knew that the mini bike belonged to her brother and that she had been relegated to that doll. She couldn't imagine anything better than that bike. Lily's resentment could not have been more palpable.  

Then, her eyes caught sight of a baby doll sitting on the couch with a huge bow. Tommy always got cool things: skateboards, gliders, science kits. The mini bike was just the latest cool thing. Hadn't Lily asked for the bike with as much fervour as her twin brother? She was infuriated.

Lily threw a superficial glance at the gifts and thought nothing more of the scarlet bike. She threw her doll into the fireplace. "Lily!" mother hollered suddenly, her thunderous voice tantamount to the rumbling storm building outside. Mother continued to castigate Lily most thoroughly, rebuking her for insolent behaviour and lack of respect. To Lily, Mother was irrational, hurling hurtful invective. "Oh, Mother," Lily sighed, crumpling to the floor, despondent.

1. Insurmountable (adj) (in-ser-moun-tuh-buhl)
2. Exhilaration (n) (ig-zil-uh-rey-shuhn)
3. Relegated (v) (rel-i-geyt’d)
4. Resentment (n) (ri-zent-ment)
5. Palpable (adj) (pal-puh-buhl)
6. Fervour (n) (fur-ver)
7. Infuriated (adj) (in-fyoor-ee-it)
8. Superficial (adj) (soo-per-fish-uhl)
9. Scarlet (n) (skahr-let)
10. Hollered (v) (hol-er’d)
11. Thunderous (adj) (thuhn-der-uhs)
12. Tantamount (adj) (tan-tuh-mount)
13. Rumbling (adj) (ruhm-bling)
14. Castigate (v) (kas-ti-geyt)
15. Rebuking (v) (ri-byook-ing)
16. Insolent (adj) (in-suh-luhnt)
17. Irrational (adj) (ir-rash-uh-nl)
18. Invective (n) (in-vek-tiv)
19. Crumpling (v) (kruhm-puhl-ing)
20. Despondent (adj) (dih-spon-duhnt)
a. Boldly rude or disrespectful
b. Great warmth and earnestness of feeling
c. Sent or consigned to an inferior position, place, or condition
d. To cause to collapse or give way suddenly
e. Shallow; not profound or thorough
f. Insulting or abusive words or expressions
g. The feeling of displeasure or indignation at some act, remark, person
h. Producing thunder or a loud noise like thunder
i. Furious; enraged
j. Incapable of being passed over, or overcome
k. Deep, heavy, somewhat muffled, continuous sound, as thunder
l. A bright-red colour inclining toward orange
m. To express sharp, stern disapproval of
n. Obvious; evident
o. Equivalent to the value, force, effect, or signification
p. Not in accordance with reason; illogical
q. Feeling or showing profound hopelessness, dejection, discouragement, or gloom
r. A feeling of excitement and happiness
s. Shouted; yelled
t. To criticise or reprimand severely


1. j 2. r 3. c 4. g 5. n
6. b 7. i 8. e 9. l 10. s
11. h 12. o 13. k 14. m 15. t
11. a 12. p 13. f 14. d 15. q