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1.    The 2018 ICC Women’s World T20 tournament is the first stand alone ICC women’s event in the shortest format of cricket, and will be held in November this year. There will be a total of 10 teams in the tournament. In which country will it be held?
       a. West Indies
       b.  India
       c.  England
       d.  Australia
  2. Which of the following IITs generates the highest revenue through research, inventions, consultancy and patents?
       a.  IIT Madras
       b.  IIT Delhi
       c.  IIT Bombay
       d.  IIT Kharagpur
  3. The Great Barrier Reef, a UNESCO world heritage listed site, has been adversely affected by rising sea temperatures due to climate change. The 2,300-km long reef contains the world’s largest collection of coral reefs, and houses 1,500 species of fish and 4,000 types of mollusc. Recently, which of the following countries has announced plans to try and save the reef?
       a.  Japan
       b.  Australia
       c.  Indonesia
       d.  Maldives
  4. Who among the following actresses was conferred in June 2018 the prestigious Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, or the French distinction of Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters, for her contribution in enhancing Indo-French ties in cinema?
       a.  Kalki Koechlin
       b.  Deepika Padukone
       c.  Twinkle Khanna
       d.  Konkona Sen Sharma
  5. This state government has launched the online portal ‘Aabhaar Aapki Sewa Ka’ for pensioners, in order to provide transparency in pensions. Through the portal, 80,000 pensioners of the state will now get all the information related to pension and payment online. Which state has launched the portal?
       a.  Gujarat
       b.  Maharashtra
       c.  Madhya Pradesh
       d.  Chattisgarh
  6. This drug is a naturally occurring hormone that causes uterine contractions during labour and helps new mother lactate. However, its misuse in the dairy industry has led to the Government of India banning the manufacture of the drug’s formulations, except for domestic use to the public sector only. Name the drug.
       a.  Prolactin
       b.  Oxytocin
       c.  Serotonin
       d.  Endorphin
  7. A law has recently been passed declaring that only Jews have the right of self-determination in the country. The law stipulates that this country is the homeland of the Jewish people, and strips Arabic as an official language alongside Hebrew. Members of the Arab community have condemned the law as racist and bordering on apartheid. Name the country.
       a.  Iraq
       b.  Palestine
       c.  Israel
       d.  Jordan
  8. Lawrence Haddad, a British economist, and David Nabarro, who has worked with the WHO and UN on health and hunger issues, have been recently awarded which of the following prizes of 2018 for improving the availability of nutritious food for pregnant women and children to reduce the effects of malnutrition in developing countries?
       a.  World Food Prize
       b.  World Health Prize
       c.  World Nutrition Prize
       d.  Nobel Prize for Healthcare
  9. According to data on language released as part of Census 2011, which is the most spoken language in India, that has risen from 41.03% in 2001 to 43.63% in 2011?
       a.  Gujarati
       b.  Telugu
       c.  Bengali
       d.  Hindi
10. The Supreme Court of India recently ruled that women have the constitutional right to enter the famous Sabarimala temple, with a 5-judge constitution bench stating that women have as much right to pray in the temple as men without being discriminated against. The temple is located in which state?
       a.  Haryana
       b.  Kerala
       c.  Andhra Pradesh
       d.  Bihar
11. Spectre and Meltdown are devastating vulnerabilities that affect modern PCs, causing various problems such as slowdown, reboots, as well as raising security concerns about attackers exploiting security weaknesses and accessing security keys, passwords, and files. These vulnerabilities affect which of the following?
       a.  Intel processors
       b.  AMD processors
       c.  Motherboards
       d.  RAM
12. The UN Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME) Day is observed every year to recognise the importance of MSMEs in achieving sustainable development   goals and in promoting innovation, creativity and sustainable work. On which day is the UN MSME Day observed?
       a.  June 24
       b.  June 25
       c.  June 26
       d.  June 27
13. Which of the following IITs have developed the online tool “TreadWill” to help people deal with stress, lethargy and other depressive symptoms through different online exercises, questionnaires and games?
       a.  IIT Kharagpur
       b.  IIT Khanpur
       c.  IIT Bombay
       d.  IIT Delhi
14. Which union ministry has published a report entitled Women in Prisons, which aims to build an understanding of the various entitlements of women in prisons, issues faced and possible methods for resolving them?
       a.  Ministry of Social Justice
       b.  Ministry of Home Affairs
       c.  Ministry of Women and Child Development
       d.  All the above ministries, jointly
15. Left handed batsman Fakhar Zaman recently broke several records, one of which was the fastest to score 1,000 runs in one day internationals, beating the likes of Vivian Richards, Kevin Pietersen and Babar Azam. Which country does Zaman belong to?
       a.  West Indies
       b.  South Africa
       c.  Pakistan
       d.  England
16. The Government of India recently increased the monetary threshold for filing appeals in tax disputes in courts and tribunals in an effort to bring down the tax litigation in the country. What is the new monetary threshold for filing appeals in tribunals?
       a.  `10 lakh
       b.  `35 lakh
       c.  `25 lakh
       d.  `20 lakh
17. In the 2018 Global Real Estate Transparency Index (GRETI), the UK tops the list, followed Australia and the US. Other countries in the top ten include France, Canada, Netherlands, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland and Sweden. What is India’s rank?
       a.  28
       b.  35
       c.  42
       d.  66
18. Who is the author of the book Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind?
       a.  Yuval Noah Harari
       b.  Stephen Hawking
       c.  Arnold J Toynbee
       d.  J Bronowski
19. Which of the following state governments recently launched the ‘I am not afraid of English’ initiative to make primary school students fluent in English?
       a.  Chattisgarh
       b.  Uttar Pradesh
       c.  Haryana
       d.  Jharkhand
20. The world’s largest visa center is also an Indian visa center, with 18,500 square feet of commercial area. It was launched recently by Indian home minister Rajnath Singh in which of the following cities?
       a.  Dubai
       b.  Bangkok
       c.  New Delhi
       d.  Dhaka
21.   The 2018 Nelson Mandela International Day was dedicated to ‘Action Against Poverty’, honouring former South African President & Nobel Peace Prize winner Nelson Mandela’s leadership and devotion to fighting poverty and promoting social justice for all. On which day is the Nelson Mandela International Day observed?
       a.  February 11
       b.  August 5
       c.  December 5
       d.  July 18
22. India’s first greenfield skill training center will be established in order to impart training to the trainers and create a skill-based ecosystem to meet expectations of the industry. Students will be trained in SAP, Internet of Things (IoT), healthcare and agriculture, mobile repairing, solar technician and technician mechatronics, IT Networking and Cloud Computing, etc. In which state will this center come up?
       a.  Tamil Nadu
       b.  Odisha
       c.  Gujarat
       d.  Assam
23. The 5-day World Sanskrit Conference has delegates from over 40 countries attending, and the purpose of the conference is to promote, preserve and practice the Sanskrit language across the world. In which country was the 17th edition of the World Sanskrit Conference held in 2018?
       a.  India
       b.  Mongolia
       c.  Indonesia
       d.  Canada
01.(a) 02.(c) 03.(b) 04.(a) 05.(d)
06.(b) 07.(c) 08.(a) 09.(d) 10.(b)
11.(a) 12.(d) 13.(b) 14.(c) 15.(c)
16.(d) 17.(b) 18.(a) 19.(c) 20.(d)
21.(d) 22.(b) 23.(d)