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The Financial Action Task Force (FATF) was established in 1989 with the primary objective of curbing money laundering, and its ambit was expanded in 2001 to include countering terror financing as well, up to and including financial restrictions against a country. At a meeting in February in Paris, which country was elected as the vice-president of the FATF?
     a.  UK
     b.  USA
     c.  South Korea
     d.  China


World Poetry Day was started in 1999, and is celebrated across the world to honour poets, and to propagate the tradition of poetry recital. Another objective of this day is to provide a platform to endangered languages to be heard. When is World Poetry Day celebrated?
     a.  February 3
     b.  March 21
     c.  July 4
     d.  September 29


Noted author Kanakalata Mohanty passed away at the age of 82 on February 26, 2018. Among her works are novels like Kete Jwala, Ete Andhara, and Anuradha, and over 100 short stories. She was also known as noted lyricist, particularly for her devotional songs on Lord Jagannath. With which of the following languages was she associated?
     a.  Odia
     b.  Bengali
     c.  Assamese
     d.  Malayalam


The European Union has recently signed a pact with another country to share earth observation data from each other’s satellites. This will provide both the sides, the data on climate change, weather forecasting and natural disasters. Name the country.
     a.  Japan
     b.  India
     c.  Sweden
     d.  Namibia


Which of the following sportsmen recently won the 2017 Laureus World Sportsman of the Year and Comeback of the Year awards?
     a. Roger Federer
     b. Lionel Messi
     c. Virat Kohli
     d. Tiger Woods


In September 2017, these two countries had signed a memorandum of understanding on Disaster Risk Reduction, with the disaster management teams of both countries agreeing to conduct workshops and exchange initiatives to mitigate the risk of disasters. Which are the two countries?
     a.  South Korea and US
     b.  US and Russia
     c.  India and Japan
     d.  Indonesia and Phillipines


The 2018 campaign of the ___________ focused on people asking themselves “What if…” and to reflect upon their actions. Observed every year on March 1, this day serves to highlight the idea that everyone has a right to live with dignity, and without being prejudiced against.
     a.  Zero Discrimination Day
     b.  Zero Dignity Day
     c.  Zero Prejudice Day
     d.  Zero Bias Day


The Freedom of Press Index is an annual ranking of countries compiled and published by Reporters Without Borders. The index aims to reflect the degree of freedom that journalists, news organisations, and netizens have in each country, and the efforts made by authorities to respect this freedom. Topping the list in 2017 is Norway, while North Korea is at the bottom at 180. What is India’s rank?
     a.  38
     b.  92
     c.  104
     d.   136


The Best of India Short Film 2018 awards were held in March 2018 in Los Angeles. Which of the following won the best film award?
     a.  Ahalya
     b.  The Violin Player
     c.  Shunyata
     d.  136


     The Tamil Nadu government has tied up with which of the following companies to accelerate cloud technology adoption, in its effort to reform the education sector, build tech capacity and enhance digital literacy across all levels?
     a.  IBM
     b.  Infosys
     c.  Google
     d.  Microsoft


The Government of India recently approved the setting up of a Plastic Park, at a cost of `120 crore, covering an area of 150 hectares. The park will manufacture polymer products ranging from water tanks, bottles, pipes, etc, and is expected to attract investment to set up an ecosystem for the plastic industry. In which state will the Plastic Park be set up?
     a.  Gujarat
     b.  Jharkhand
     c.  Karnataka
     d.  Uttar Pradesh


Kallanai or the Grand Anicut dam is India’s oldest dam in use, and the fourth-oldest water-diversion structure in the world. It is located on the Kaveri river, and is just over 1,000 feet tall. In which state is the dam located?
     a.  Tamil Nadu
     b.  Kerala
     c.  Karnataka
     d.  Andhra Pradesh


The world’s largest solar park was recently launched in this Indian state, and has a capacity of 2,000 MW. The solar park was established at a cost of `16,500 crore. The first phase will generate 600 MW, while the remaining 1,800 MW is expected to be commissioned by the end of 2018. Name the state.
     a.  Karnataka
     b.  Gujarat
     c.  Tamil Nadu
     d.  Maharashtra


Author Jhumpa Lahiri won the Pulitzer Prize in 2000 for which of her following works?
     a.  The Namesake
     b.  Unaccustomed Earth
     c.  Interpreter of Maladies
     d.  The Lowland


Navjot Kaur recently became the first Indian woman to win a gold medal at the Senior Asian Wrestling Championships held in March in Kyrgyzstan. Which country’s wrestler did she defeat?
     a.  China
     b.  Japan
     c.  Kyrgyzstan
     d.  Malaysia


What was the original project code name of Twitter, which CEO Jack Dorsey had to use since the domain name twitter.com was unavailable?
     a.  Kwik
     b.  Messengr
     c.  Tweet
     d.  Twttr


Who among the following will take charge as the head of the Press Information Bureau from May 2018?
     a.  Olga Tellis
     b.  T.S. Baku
     c.  Sitanshu Kar
     d.  Ira Josh


Which of the following has become India’s first union territory to run completely on solar power, generating a total of 13 MW, of which 3 MW is contributed by rooftop solar plants?
     a.  Diu
     b.  Chandigarh
     c.  Lakshadweep
     d.  Puducherry


Which of the following companies has topped the Fortune 500 list in 2017, with an annual revenue of over 485 million dollars?
     a.  Apple
     b.  Exxon Mobil
     c.  Walmart
     d.  General Motors


The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which is directly under the Ministry of Home Affairs, has recently launched an app for which of the following?
     a.  Safety of women at airports
     b.  Lost and found items at airports
     c.  Lost and found items at railway stations
     d.  Reporting of suspicious items at railway stations


The Salal Hydroelectric Power Station is a run-of-the-river power project in the Reasi district of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). Across which river is the power station built?
     a.  Chenab
     b.  Jhelam
     c.  Indus
     d.  Ravi


India recently successfully test-fired anti-tank guided missiles, in desert conditions, hitting two tank targets at different distances and timings, with an operational range of up to 4 km for land launches and up to 10 km for air launches. The missiles were developed by DRDO. What are the missiles named?
     a.  Adamya
     b.  Vijay
     c.  Prahlad
     d.  Nag


Moody’s Investors Service recently forecast India’s GDP growth at______________.
     a.  7.5%
     b.  7.6%
     c.  7.7%
     d.  7.8%


India has for the first time signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding with foreign partners for civil nuclear cooperation. One of the partners is Bangladesh, and the MoU will help the development of Rooppur Nuclear Power Plant in Pabna, Bangladesh, the country’s first ever nuclear power plant. Name the second country.
     a.  Russia
     b.  Japan
     c.  South Korea
     d.  US


Google has announced the launch of a platform on Google Play that will allow Android users to directly play games without installing the game first. What is it called?
     a.  Google Game
     b.  Google Play Game
     c.  Google Instant
     d.  Google Tez


The government recently launched the TB-free India Campaign to rid India of TB by 2025. The campaign will implement the activities of the National Strategic Plan for TB elimination. From which city was it launched?
     a.  Bhubaneswar
     b.  Mumbai
     c.  Bengaluru
     d.  New Delhi

01.(d) 02.(b) 03.(a) 04.(b) 05.(a)
06.(c) 07.(a) 08.(d) 09.(c) 10.(d)
11.(b) 12.(a) 13.(a) 14.(c) 15.(b)
16.(d) 17.(c) 18.(a) 19.(c) 20.(b)
21.(a) 22.(d) 23.(b) 24.(a) 25.(c)