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  Since you're planning on doing your MBA, you need to be well read, and not just on current affairs. In this section, we offer you some choices of books that will broaden your perspective, and you will find that you will never be at a loss in a discussion!  

The Autobiography of Mark Twain
Author : Mark Twain
Publisher : Univ Of California Pr
Price : ₹ 1,786
Genre : Autobiography

A man who has left distinct imprints in childhood memories with his immortal Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain is one giant of a writer whose autobiography would by default create immense interest. No wonder The Autobiography of Mark Twain is often ranked with the autobiographies of Benjamin Franklin and Henry Adams. As pointed out by Charles Neider in the introduction, the book has the marks of greatness in it - style, scope, imagination, laughter, tragedy.

Mark Twain as a literary figure larger than life: massive in talent, eruptive in temperament, unpredictable in his actions. He crafted stories of heroism, adventure, tragedy, and comedy that reflected the changing America of the time.

Writing this autobiography on his deathbed, Twain vowed to he 'free and frank and unembarrassed' as always, in the recounting of his life and his experiences. Twain was more than a match for the expanding America of riverboats, gold rushes, and the vast westward movement, which provided the material for his novels and which served to inspire this beloved and uniquely American autobiography.

Louis V. Gerstner's well-known memoir about the turnaround of IBM is a vibrant book on leadership during a challenging time. Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? tells the story of IBM's competitive and complete cultural transformation. Lou Gerstener, Jr., served as chairman and chief executive officer of IBM from April 1993 to March 2002, when he retired as CEO.

In his own words, Gerstner offers a blow-by-blow account of his arrival at the company and his campaign to rebuild the leadership team and give the workforce, lacking in confidence, a renewed sense of purpose. The first-hand story of an extraordinary turnaround, a unique case study in managing a crisis, and a thoughtful reflection on the computer industry and the principles of leadership, Who Says Elephants Can't Dance? is a must read for all budding managers.

Who Says Elephants Cant Dance? : Inside IBMs Historic Turnaround
Author : Louis V. Gerstner
Publisher : HarperCollins Publisher
Price : ₹ 1,723
Genre : Non-fiction

Girl at War
Author :
Sara Novic
Publisher : Little, Brown Book Group
Price : ₹ 787
Genre : Fiction

It's a story where anybody will just identify with the protagonist, who happens to be a ten-year-old Ana Juric, a carefree tomboy who runs the streets of Croatia's capital with her best friend, Luka, takes care of her baby sister, Rahela, and idolises her father. But as civil war breaks out across Yugoslavia, soccer games and school lessons are supplanted by sniper fire and air raid drills. When tragedy suddenly strikes, Ana is lost to a world of guerilla warfare and child soldiers; a daring escape plan to America becomes her only chance for survival. Ten years later Ana is a college student in New York. She's been hiding her past from her boyfriend, her friends, and most especially herself. Haunted by the events that forever changed her family, she returns alone to Croatia, where she must rediscover the place that was once her home and search for the ghosts of those she's lost. The book excels at distilling visual poetry from action scenes, with Ana stealing the show throughout the way. Even through fiction, Novic displays the horrors and the plight of the people trapped in the middle of a guerrilla warfare, where running away from home is the only way to hope. A book that will for sure make you think through its haunting passages.