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Cracking the CAT: All you need to know

The last few months prior to the CAT are very important, for both first timers and repeat takers. It's normal to have a lot of questions at this time, when tension starts building up. In this article, we answer some of these most often asked questions for you. ... Read More


Getting a management degree abroad

In the last issue of Advanc'edge, we explained all about the GMAT, and how it is a great and viable alternative to Indian MBA entrance exams. But what comes next? In this article, we explore the various management programmes that accept the GMAT as an entrance test. ... Read More

Quant matters: How to tackle CAT'ematics

In this issue, we focus on the Quant section of the CAT. Collated and written in collaboration with our experts, in this article, you will find some pointers on how to approach the questions in this section of the test. ... Read More


• Getting Things Done
• The Glass Castle
• Lab Girl
... Read More

Count DOWN

India's outstanding off-beat world records

... Read More


Be sure of why you want to do an MBA

...feels ALANKAR CHANDRA, CEO, Wild Voyager. This IIM-A alumnus tells Alolika Banerjee how he turned his passion for photography into a full-time profession for himself. ... Read More


News in brief

Ram Nath Kovind becomes India's 14th President: Ram Nath Kovind will become India's 14th President, following the footsteps of incumbent President Pranab Mukherjee. ... Read More

Corporate WORLD

Indian food retail: Amazon targets nascent market

The Indian food e-retail industry is in its nascent stages, and Amazon is looking to take advantage. With the acquisition of Whole Foods, the ecommerce giant has sent a clear message to get into the food retail industry. ... Read More

Tata Sons under N. Chandra: A sitrep

Five months into the leadership of N Chandra, the new chairman of Tata Sons, what is the Tata Group looking like? How has the new leadership impacted the group companies, and what are the challenges that remain? An analysis. ... Read More

Shriram-IDFC Bank Merger: Benefits and complexities

The Shriram Group and IDFC Bank are looking to merge into a single entity, but the merger is more complicated than usual. Given both groups' background and functioning, complications range from the standard cultural fit to specific regulatory issues. ... Read More

Study HOUR

Word Dose

The vague disquietude which prevailed among the spectators had so much affected one of the crowd that he did not await the arrival of the vessel in harbor, but jumping into a small skiff, desired to be pulled alongside the Pharaon, which he reached as she rounded into La Reserve basin. ... Read More


A quiz to boost your General Knowledge ... Read More