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MBA: Success beckons you here

Have you ever asked yourself why you want an MBA degree? Will it help you to propel your corporate career? What is management education really about? Get answers to all these questions, and more as you take the plunge into the amazing world of the MBA. ... Read More


How useful is an MBA degree?

Many people are unsure about why to pursue a management degree. The decision to garner an MBA should be based on how it will develop an individual's core strengths. Merely to gain bragging rights or make your resume stand out are not good enough reasons. ... Read More


Don't sit on your ideas. Execute them!

... says, PRIYANKA AMAR SHAH, founder of ikheti, an urban farming enterprise. Her one-stop shop for urban farmers is bringing in wonders to the city space by reducing carbon footprint and improving food quality like never before. A tete-a-tete with Alolika Banerjee. ... Read More

Success STREET

Prepare for B-school, before joining a B-school

As you prepare for the MBA entrance exam, this is the perfect time for you to start maximising your chances of getting that dream B-school admit. Author Ameet Singh shares his thoughts on how you can go about doing this homework. ... Read More


News in brief

Ad expense growth pace to hit 3-year low: GroupM:- Advertising expenses might expand to 10% this year in 2017, according to India's biggest media-buying agency GroupM. ... Read More

Count DOWN

Top 10 Qualities of the Perfect Manager

... Read More

Corporate WORLD

UP elections: The far reaching impact

Even as the BJP government is marred by parliamentary deadlock, the BJP's thumping victory in the UP elections appears to have brought in a lot of confidence. Going forward, can we expect a lot of reforms, or is the focus now going to shift to the 2019 general elections? ... Read More

Tata Motors revival: Is it still a dream?

Tata Motors continues to be in a competitive slump, even as it is trying to claw its way out with a proposed strategic alliance with the Volkswagen group. Volkswagen, in turn, is eyeing a bigger entry into the Indian market with the Tatas. Will this deal solve both the companies' woes? ... Read More

The Trump reality: Impact on India

The new US President's policies and the administration's stance has been a major cause of concern for India. Given Donald Trump's track record in his short span as President, a lot of uncertainty is in the offing for Indian trade, relations and the Indian emergence as a major global power. ... Read More


• The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
• Long Walk to Freedom
• Mr And Mrs Jinnah: The Marriage That Shook India
... Read More

Study HOUR

Word Dose

The catastrophe came, and she was brought to the Mall as to her home. The rigid formality of the place suffocated her: the prayers and the meals, the lessons and the walks, which were arranged with a conventual regularity, oppressed her almost beyond endurance; ... Read More


A quiz to boost your General Knowledge ... Read More